Monday, 12 January 2015

Nigeria: The Way Forward

 As our nation prepares for her forthcoming election, there have been various forms of electioneering ranging from peaceful, abusive, and violent ones. We have heard different ludicrous manifestoes promising change. Successive governments over the past years to this present government seems not to have  given us the change we so desire. what then is actually d problem?
The president said of recent that their generation have failed Nigeria. Saying that is stating the obvious. The question that comes to my mind is: Will my own generation fail Nigeria? From the current look of things, my answer is YES. It is said that whatever one believe is correct. If you believe you can do something, you are right. If you do not believe, you are right. Battles are won before they are fought. That is the mind game. You cannot take a road that leads to hell and expect to end up in heaven. The reason I said this generation will fail Nigeria is because of the convictions and beliefs of most of the young ones today. Some of the beliefs that are common among the young today are; 'when we get there, we will continue the looting & have our own share of the national cake', 'There is no future in Nigeria', 'If I have my way, I will leave this country 4 good' etcetera. with such beliefs what results do we expect? The results are what we have now. It can thus be seen that the problem with Nigeria is not that we don't have beliefs but we have the wrong beliefs that are giving us corresponding results.
It is said that what you do not prepare for will confuse you when u get there. If we (myself inclusive) are desirous of a better Nigeria, then we should as a matter of urgency, change our direction of thinking, build our capacities and start acting (not just talking), in the direction of greatness. Our greatest as a nation is not dependent on aids from outside but lies within us. Don't expect anyone to help you build your house when they are still building theirs. We are the change we seek. We are what we believe!
This is my sincere opinion on the current state of the nation. Thank you! - Uzuacious